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Building on the Past

Avante Home Medical’s origin began over twenty years ago when Duane Greer started work at a family friend’s pharmacy that offered DME services. From there, he transitioned into working in the warehouse of a local DME company cleaning, maintaining and managing the inventory of the medical equipment housed inside. He then took over the role of a technician where he was responsible for the transportation of equipment, its assembly and being the public face of the company he represented. From the ground floor he learned what made a DME company successful, but also its role in the world of hospice care.

With that knowledge Duane took over higher levels in management, refining and prioritizing what it means to be dependable to the patients, family and nurses of those his company served. He wasn’t satisfied, however, and decided after years of successful management of other companies that he wouldn’t be able to provide the level of care he believed these hospices deserved.

Duane’s promise, and our mission statement, is to “provide a higher standard in patient care.” That belief firmly in mind, he established Avante Home Medical. He hasn’t done it alone, though. Throughout his twenty years of experience Duane has gathered around himself dedicated men and women who share his passion and expertise. Together they have created a truly remarkable company capable of exceeding the previously held standards of a DME provider.