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Veteran technicians ready to deliver, setup and train patients, loved ones and medical staff on the use of their DME.

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Avante is commited to providing a higher standard in patient care. Together, we can be a positive force for change in the lives of our patients.

Durable Medical Equipment is only half of what we do

Hospice care is one of the most demanding medical services. The end of life transition is a stressful period for patients, their loved ones and the health professionals that work tirelessly to ensure that this experience is a positive one for all involved.

It is out of respect for the weight of that responsibility that Avante Home Medical was born. When a patient is put into hospice care we want to be there to simplify and make ready the tools and amenities required to meet their unique needs.

We achieve this through equipment and supplies available at the touch of a button through our industry leading software, coupled with trained, empathetic technicians that will setup the equipment and guarantee its usefulness on site while building a lasting relationship with everyone involved.

Let us help you provide the highest quality of care, join Avante Home Medical today.

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